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Light pink skin from JMS request

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I'm really happy that we've been getting various fantasy skin colours in the Marble Skin Coupon Selector Coupon, and even cowhide (vitiligo) in philo books. May we please get this darker pink skin from JMS as well? It's called ピンクビーンスキン

Another colour that is missing is the default demon skin from demon slayer/avenger creation. Once players change their demon's skin, there's no way to get it back. Could it please be added to the skin coupon like elf skin and clay skin? That way other classes can use it too. The eye wells look much softer than the other colours.


  • MalvonMalvon
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    That darker pink skin looks pretty nice would be a nice add on, I am always up for more skin color choices, the more choices we have the better.