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skill: Howling Gale

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there is a bug the skills that its cant shoot and it always give the message that i have no wind energy but its show that it recharge and to fix it i need to relog the game i cant do bosses because of this bug that come and go

name: MemoWind


  • DetoxPDetoxP
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    I am a Windarcher main as well and have been experience the same thing... What I do is, instead of relogging, I go to my V matrix and take off howling gale and the put it back on. This resets the howling gale recharge.

    This happens when I am disabled while casting or casting howling gale on the edge of a platform. I think the game "thinks" that we didn't cast howling gale at max stack so it doesn't recharge while we've consumed the howling gales stacks which results in permanent 0 stack.
  • MemoWindMemoWind
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    thx for the tip but this is happened to me frequently like in will phase 2 and lucid phase 1 and the cra bosses