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New player looking for info

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Hello am super new to MapleStory and am loving the game and i want to know is there a datebase were you can see were items drop or what monsters to kill to farm wepons or gear. any usful websites or anything am big on the hole farming gear and wepons i just don't know what monsters drop what and how to go about it. thank you again

sorry if this is the wroung place to post this.


  • KrimlockKrimlock
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    The in game maple guide is what you want press the "U" key (at least for me) two times to bring it up, it tells you what content is available to your lvl and what drops from those mobs of that lvl and gear you can get from the quests when completed. And if you can't find it press / or key assignment button on the Lil cog wheel bottom right and map the button named maple guide.
  • LegionPothIXLegionPothIX
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    Maplestory is very old so it is very easy to find outdated information. The site that works today may not be the site of tomorrow, just as the sites of yester-year may not be the sites of today. While I am currently using the fandom wiki, more important than that, is understanding how best to find info on your own. Google has a really neat (but little known) feature where you can select the dates you want it to search from/between to filter out old info. In this screenshot I have selected just the past year. All you have to do is do your search, then click on TOOLS under the search bar, and select your range. Naturally, you can use this for anything and not just maplestory.