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Explorer Redux Not received all rewards

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Hi I just reached level 220 on a paladin created after the destiny update.
Name: Hanm
Server: EU Reboot

I've clamed all gifts from this event on this character, both "All Explorers" gifts and "New Explorers" gifts. The last gift under "New Explorers" is at level 220 with a box including a coupon for 20k maple points, that's needed for the Stella pass.

I claimed the "Adventurer's Hope Box" and opened it. I got to choose between an AbsoLab weapon and a Dominator pendant, as it said, and I also got the Unique emblem and 200x Arcane Symbol Selector Coupons.
But I didn't get the coupon for 20k maple points. It's not in my inventory, storage or cash shop inventory, and it's not used either because I don't have 20k maple points.