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Only Three Recipes in Arcane River?

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As a long time player I am usually in Arcane River with my characters. One of my main characters is an alchemist meister. But it seems as though only three recipes for an alchemist drop in Arcane River - Advanced Luck Pill I, Advanced Intelligence Pill IX and Advanced Intelligence Pill X. Is this by design? Shouldn't there be a wider variety of recipes dropped especially for higher end pills and potions? If this is by design, why?


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    I believe it's by design for Korea so that older players are forced to buy recipes from newer players because the useful recipes only drop in lower level areas. (Mostly the 140-180 range)
    However in GMS crafting is far less useful and Nexon doesn't seem to want to adjust this for our version of the game. My advice would be to ignore it for the most part save for a select few recipes which are actually useful.