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[Reboot] Hey, im A returning player

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Hey everyone. there are 2 main things i wanted to ask for help about.
I recently returned to maplestory, and i never had a really good character, not even mid game, although i always wanted an end game character. There are 6 jobs i really liked, and one i want to main, but still want to be able to solo most bosses with all of them.
2 thing i really wanted to know. I have a kanna around lvl 135~ i think, is there any guide, updated to the last patch on how to farm mesos? i really need help with that. and what are the gear progression, until end game for a solo player?
one more thing, this is just as a discussion, how many mesos do you need to make an end game gear on reboot? a rough estimating including everything- potential, flames, star force, everything


  • toonzeytoonzey
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    i can only find progression guides up to CRA myself which are youtube vids. just youtube reboot progression. also dont be so hard on yourself and just play it at your pace cuz most likely youll want to quit if you put too much on your plate too fast. i got 6k legion in like a month and i was burnt out lol now im just relaxing taking my time with everything and its going wayyy better.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Bossing is much easier for earning meso now, so much so that you can forget farming and just make boss mules if you wish. As for farming, it's basically the same as it's always been, get meso gear, legion coupons, wealth potion and farm. Though that's about to change with the removal of totems.
    For strictly earning Meso, I'd just get your 6 characters you like high enough to solo CRA on each of them and farm that each week, slowly make your way to Lomien with the free things you earn from bossing, or make more CRA mules if you feel you can handle all those characters.

    As for funding, too much meso is the real answer. You will never stop funding your gear. Though you should be able to get 17* equips within 1-2B pretty easily.
    Cubes I don't really pay attention to cost for, it's too random in my experience. Flames are your "free" option as you only really want to use rainbow flames or blacks on your end gear and you'll only be getting those from legion, bosses and events. Don't buy the red flames from the shop.