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Please do not Remove Wild Totems!

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edited October 2022 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Good afternoon everyone!

In response to the anticipated upcoming changes, please hear my petition to the GMS team:

Let us keep Wild Totems!

I do not believe that their removal is necessary or warranted. I understand that GMS has a different progression track from KMS's vision, and that removing wild totems, and thus slowing our progress in terms of not just meso, but also exp, nodestones, droplets, familiars, daily/weekly quests, and more, is not right for our community. I'm a proud member of GMS, and I believe that our current pace of progression - Ignition's upcoming additions, such as hyper burn and extreme monster park included - are suitable for our needs and preferences as gamers. Not only is the upcoming progression nerf unnecessary, it's misguided in its attempts to align us with a vision designed for a gaming community with wholly different trends, interests, and priorities than ours.

Please let us keep wild totems! Don't take away from GMS what makes us special, and what's tailored to our needs.

Thank you for your time!