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the game closed constantly DC... and cs same DC

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the maintenance of this game is constant and years but they can never ever fix the constant dc bug crash lag etc etc

after the last maintenance continues the constant dc in cash shop and dc with crash in various parts of the game. I have had dc 5 times today, 2 in cash shop, 1 in town and the others training hitting mobs with dc. the nexon team or staff sometimes claims that it is because of the player's internet or pc problems and they simply ignore it, but this is years and years with bad updates with maintenance that do not give good results, make the game unstable and almost half of players loyal to maplestory do not deserve this kind of treatment.

Perhaps this post like others is one of many that in the end, will be in absolute emptiness. but it's boring and sick as they can never fix these kinds of problems today


  • Dnaman101Dnaman101
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  • GoldAdventurerGoldAdventurer
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    It's the same after this game update.
    There are many times when the game client crashes upon entering the cash shop.
  • NoscibleNoscible
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    It really is ridiculous that the game is this unstable. It's crazy how after every single maintenance that doing anything can disconnect you at any time (especially things that you do before maintenance that doesn't disconnect you but does so after the maintenance). Perhaps they should evaluate if maintenance patches will affect game-play before putting the servers back up if they decide to do one.
  • AracelyAracely
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    The cash shop crashing is so horrible. Nexon it's been enough, fix that sh*t. I've just crashed 3 times in a row trying to buy a teleport rock. It's wild and infuriating how this is still a thing.