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crafting bugged

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edited November 2022 in Bug Reporting
got a text message item crafting, disassembling and fusing are all disabled while you are restricted from trading items or transferring mesos
reboot btw


  • JerebugJerebug
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    edited November 2022
    Hi Mapler,

    I have noticed that Maplers experience this from time to time. Have you tried restarting your client?

    I understand that this isn't a permanent fix, but often helps others!

    I have also forwarded this to the team, please let us know if you encounter any other issues.

    Happy Mapling!
  • PureNRGPureNRG
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    edited November 2022
    Same issue here. Restart client does not work for me. Scania
  • TheBeatTheBeat
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    I also ran into this issue as well in Aurora. Everything seemed to work fine yesterday and all other days since Ignition patch. The only thing I can say I did differently, as of today, is going into the new Bounty Hunter portal with Esfetia. After trying to disassemble equipment the message that Dancemon mentioned of first appeared for me.

    Will try the restarting client thing but I'm a little worried my Meister crafting rank will suffer if it doesn't work out.
  • TorippiTorippi
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    Experiencing this as well. It's extremely frustrating because I noticed it only started after the Hyper Burning event started and it happens on my Hyper Burn character. Every day I log in, I have to reset the client at least once. Past few days, first login ALWAYS end up with the disassembling feature disabled. Closing client and reload 2nd time will works. But today, I've reset my client for the 4th time and still bugged.

    Server: Reboot
    Class: Wind Archer