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Family Feast Writing Contest

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It's that time of year again, don't you just love Pink-Beans-Giving? It's like I can picture it now, sitting around the table, smelling fresh roasted Pink Be— I mean... fresh roasted Turkey! You know how it can be around the holidays, tons of yummy food, lots of conversations — sometimes arguments — and so much more! Now's your time Maplers, grab your pens and tell us about your ideal (or not-so-ideal) Family Feast Story!

(Note: Contest is being held on Official MapleStory Discord and Official MapleStory Forums)

How To apply
1. Enter in this forum thread
2. Include the following with your entry
- Your In-game name
- World Name
- Your story depicting MapleStory character's interaction at a family dinner table

Tips & Criteria
- The story must be your own work and involve MapleStory characters at a dinner table.
- Here are some helpful prompts and questions to help you with your story:
• Are they having a conflict?
• What kind of food is the family having?
• Is there a new member around the table this year?
• Do they have a tradition they like to share during family meals?
• Describe who is around the table.
• Is someone sharing a funny event or story at the table?
- As long as you follow the guidelines, you can have fun and be creative as you wish!
- No explicit content is allowed. Please keep it appropriate and PG-13.
- Please keep the story length to 1,000 words maximum.

MapleStory Community team will vote and determine up to 5 winners from Community submissions and 10 honorary mentions.

5 Grand Prize Winners
- Coloring Book Chair
- (Discord) Igniter role
- 2x EXP Coupon (15min) x5

10 Honorary Mentions
- Onyx Apple x10 Coupon
- Special Medal of Honor x3

Submissions will close on December 9th at 11:00 AM PST!



  • AuroraAurora
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    IGN: SunlitSonata
    World: Reboot
    (Note: Submitted in #writing-contest channel on Discord as Wordpad document, but was unsure if it would be accepted so decided to post here too just in case.)
    'And that's how I came to win his prized axe!'
    The boisterous voice cuts through the warm hubbub of feasting and the clinking of cutlery. Phantom starts; he doesn't think he's heard reserved Aran be so vocal outside of the battleground. 'It's no Maha, but the true victory was the demolished ego of the great oaf who dared to question my worthiness to wield it because I was a woman,' Aran brandishes her wineglass emphatically.
    'You showed him his rightful place, then,' Mercedes replies with a savage yet somehow impish grin, tearing her dinner roll in a way uncannily reminiscent of decapitation.
    'I can hardly imagine such doubt of strength -- through gender,' says Luminous, blinking nonplussed around the table of admittedly, living legends.
    Phantom cannot help himself. 'For once, your lack of imagination proves a good thing,' he quips with a teasing grin.
    Luminous cuts a narrowed glance to him immediately, plate of unagi forgotten. 'What is that supposed to mean, petty thief?' Phantom internally sighs; he's forgotten that the guy has never been able to take a joke. Which is one of his biggest problems, in his opinion.
    'Still judging me for my profession? What are you afraid that I would steal, Lania's heart?'
    Heterochromatic eyes flash in warning. 'You will keep your dirty hands and corrupt mind away from her,' he answers, hushed as the eye of a storm.
    But ah, now Phantom can't resist. Dancing around the edges of Luminous' anger reminds him of the rush he gets when triangulating the artifact of his next heist, the triumph of waltzing it out from under the piteous owner's nose with deft fingers, card illusions, and whisper-soft feet. 'Now, a gentleman can hardly deny a lady who seeks a finer visage after spending such time around the likes of you --'
    A sharp, unrelenting pain in his ear, his head yanked to an uncomfortable slant, allowing him the perfect vantage to behold the beautiful, livid face of Mercedes, Queen of the Elves. He can see Luminous wincing to the side, his ear twisted in mirrored torment.
    'Enough! Two renowned Heroes at the table of Empress Cygnus, quarrelling like little boys. You will not ruin this day, or by the Elders, I will make you regret it myself!'
    Phantom glances around the room, chastised. 'Apologies, Mercedes. Everyone.' He hears Luminous muttering similar sentiments, before tense quiet falls like a blanket. He can hear his own heartbeat, and makes a concerted effort to cut his turkey leg silently.
    'More juniper berry wine, anyone?' Shade offers into the tension, valiantly raising the bottle with a shaky smile.
    'I would love some!' A bright pubescent male voice rings out.
    'Evan, are you even of age?' asks Mercedes tiredly.
    'I have been through war, just like the rest of you, and if that doesn't prove my manhood I don't know what does. Besides, I am sick of Crescendo Slime cordial -- if I wanted juice, I would just return to my parents' farm.'
    'I don't think that's how coming of age works...' Shade shifts, unsure.
    'It is a remarkable vintage,' Aran muses thoughtfully, squinting at the bottle's violet depths.
    'Beloved Heroes.'
    Once again everything stills, this time to the soft command of Empress Cygnus' voice, her gaze unfathomable yet shining. 'Incredible, brave, selfless heroes.
    'Six gathered hundreds of years ago to stop an all-powerful being that sought to destroy this world, and six of you united once more to defend against him now.
    'Today is a day where one counts their blessings, and I see six at this table. For it is not just the harvest to be grateful for, bountiful as it is --' She nods at Evan, who puffs out his chest in pride. 'But the reason why we are all able to be free today; to have our wills remain unbroken as we continue to live, fight, and love.
    'We have gained invaluably much, but it was only secured through no small loss from you all.' Cygnus pauses, and Phantom senses that it is not just him who feels the presence of Aria, Freud, Afrien, Moonbeam, and many others fill the room then. He knows all too well the face of one striving to look forward, when the past tries its best to swallow one whole. He sees it in the mirror more than he would like to admit.
    'Although the curse of his sealing means that the rest of the world barely knows of your sacrifice, I am -- and will always be -- here to honour it,' Cygnus continues. 'I vow to you that for as long as I live, I will do all I can to ensure that you are remembered.' Her eyes alight a little longer in that moment on Shade, and Phantom finally recognises what it was he saw in them then; determination, and a depthless, endless love for them all.
    'It is long overdue, and perhaps never enough, but on behalf of Maple World: I thank you.' Cygnus sinks into a deep curtsy reaching the floor, bowing her head.
    'Empress!' exclaims Shade, aghast, even as he surreptitiously wipes his eyes. Phantom is there in an instant, helping Cygnus to her feet.
    'My lady, you bow to no-one,' is the only thing he is able to murmur through the thickness in his throat.
    'We have you to thank also, Cygnus,' Mercedes says fiercely. 'For reminding us of what's worth fighting for, and that our fight is together. For all our people are one.'
    'Hear, hear! And although we may have loved and lost, it is hardly reason to sit back and hide. Maha would kick my ass,' added Aran, touched expression belying her lighthearted tone.
    'I know that we would gather over and over again, as long as we are needed, to do what is necessary,' Evan says quietly, with a seriousness beyond his years. 'Even you and Luminous,' he adds, quirking a smile. Phantom turns quickly, and -- darn, he is looking straight at him! Like Freud, this kid is too knowing for his own good.
    Luminous inclines his head. 'My perspective has changed, and it is indeed due to your opening it.' He looks from Evan to Cygnus, and raises his glass. 'To youthful obstinacy, a golden-hearted Empress, and doing what is right.'
    Shade raises his, declaring, 'To leaving a legacy that will never be forgotten.'
    'To our departed loved ones, who are never truly gone as long as we keep their dreams alive,' finishes Phantom, finally finding the words, voice muted.
    '...Now may I please try some of the wine?'
    And as he joins in the laughter at Evan's theatrical wheedling, his heart fills with gratitude for his newfound family, his soul with light.
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    Hi Maplers! Apologies for the delay and thank you so much for the patience while waiting for the winner announcement for the Family Feast Story Writing Contest! It was a joy reading through all of the stories you submitted, the community team loved them! Now.. a drum roll for our winners..

    Grand Prize Winners


    Congrats to all the winners! We'll reach out soon to receive your information for the prizes. Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest!