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Philosopher Books - SUGGESTION

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edited November 2022 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests

As you may or may not know, philosopher books are items purchased with NX, that contain 2 random items per book, with various pull rates for each item. If you take a look at the posted rates online, you will see items ranging in quality from Not Very Desirable -> Very Desirable [Bonus potential stamps -> Firestarter Ring, for example].

Now, obviously one cannot reasonably expect all items in the pool to be of excellent quality, and it is somewhat understandable why Nexon would pad the list with some less desirable items. However, there is one particular aspect of this pool of items that seems excessively unnecessary, and i would like to make it known here, in the hopes that someone from Nexon reads this and considers it for future updates:

Suggestion: Make all mounts from Philosopher Books Permanent
Feedback: It is extremely unreasonable to add the 90-Day condition to such a harmless and fun item as a mount
Request: Make all mounts from Philosopher Books Permanent

From a game balance perspective, it is understandable why they would make items like Breath of Divinity and Firestarter ring have very low odds. That said, most people playing with philosopher books will not obtain anything special. However, there are still a decent amount of non-jackpot items that might at least leave a feeling of satisfaction once its all said and done. Among these items are the cosmetics [such as old collectible items like the maple flag] - And among these cosmetics, are the mounts. Getting a mount which will expire within 90 days after being used leaves a bad taste in ones mouth, it ruins the fun. If people are already spending money to play this game of chance, why let fun, harmless, cosmetic items expire? I believe in previous years these mounts were permanent, although someone please correct me if i am mistaken.

tldr: Mounts should be permanent from Philosopher Books
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