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Unable to use the gift of Extreme Growth Potion

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edited January 7 in Tech Support
I received a Compensation Box. In it I found this gift.
I took it to my Burning character, only to find out that this potion cannot be used by a burning character less than 250, and the gift is untradeable.
It does not state it when I took it. Now I have a very good gift that I cannot use, and cannot transfer to my other characters.
I think it is unfair.


  • happycowshappycows
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    Are you saying that you tried to use an extreme growth potion on your hyper burning character? Generally, these potions can not be used on any burning characters during the duration of the "burning period" . the patch notes for Ignition explicitly say:

    "The use of the following items will be restricted below Lv. 250 when setting character as Hyper Burning character: Extreme Growth Potion, Growth Potion (200-209, 200-219, 200-229), Typhoon Growth Potion, and Magnificent Growth Potion."

    In any case, I'm sure support would help you move the potion to a different character, simply log a ticket