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blake‘s hyper ignition game selection box issue

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edited January 14 in Bug Reporting
when you finished a single word, you didn't receive any letter selection box


  • SnickySnicky
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    This whole letter game is just worthless in myu opinion i manage so far only to get one word done and now I am stuck on the letters A - G [ 2x ] - H [ 2x ] - L , which would finish all other words - I did get only 3 flame boxes so far in all time I been playing and just 1 gave a letter I needed [ letter O ] - got none form doing bosses up to lomien at all - so I really wish to know Nexon how on earth should I finish all words and get that android ????? I have a full time job and cant grind 10-12 hours a day !!!!!!!! So just the no -lifers manage[d] to make it happen and rest casual one can just go to hell ?????? This event is just complete crap !!!