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How to get Golden Pass/3,000 Maple points for the Fairy Bros' Golden Giveaway?
Are the points from fighting bosses or? Im so lost. Please help and be specific on how I can achieve it. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you-


  • happycowshappycows
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    Its simple: You have the option to spend 3,000 Maple Points in order to receive a pass for one day. Its meant to be used if you missed a day and want to catch up for a fee.

    If you are in a Regular server you have two ways to get Maple Points: Trade your mesos via the meso market for them, or purchase maple points directly in the cash shop with NX. In Reboot, you can purchase them with NX in the cash shop.

    There are also periodic events that can award maple points, like the recent camilla event. But they don't really come around that often

    EDIT: The points from fighting bosses that you mentioned are Reward Points - Reward points are a completely different currency, unrelated to Maple Points