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My struggles with Dutch restriction rules

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I came back to maple 4 months ago from an 8 years of quit.
Without knowing in the meantime that there was a Dutch restriction rule was implemented.

I still have lots of items I wished I had sold before I quitted the game.
Because I realize, without mesos I can't do anything.
I can't starforce and I can't buy better gears. Also with events, some items are restricted.
I even struggle with upgrading arcane symbols.

I already know that the 18th anniversary event will give me struggles also, items that are mesos related, I can't buy them because I don't earn enough in time (no matter how hard I try to grind). I only gain mesos from (daily) bosses and maple tour and this is my only way. Unless no life grinding monsters.
Even leveling from grinding, I barely deal enough damage to gain EXP faster.
This way, I also feel a bit left out. But I think this is what most Dutch players also feel.

Players around the server have been able to carry me in many bosses and I'm grateful for that.
This way it helped me through to get my own clean gears which I can starforce / cube it myself later on.
Otherwise I wouldn't even know how or where to start with to catch up the lost 8 years of progress.
4 months ago, I wasn't being able to solo normal Cygnus or chaos pink bean.
Now 4 months later from a hardcore grind and progressing, I am able to defeat them solo (yet, I'm still too weak for chaos zakum).

I played Reboot before, since everyone had recommended me to play, but I already had progress on the regular server.
Doing all quests and story lines all over again and again just drives me insane, so I stopped playing Reboot.
I still hope these Dutch restriction rules will be reviewed once or twice again in the future because it is a huge struggle to play this way.


  • AnythingAnything
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    They don't even care. They won't even reply on this forum.
    At the time they put the restrictions, they literally suggested the Dutch players to play in Reboot World. They gave them like 3 Burninators in Reboot world or something. I saw someone wrote on Reddit: 3 burninators in the shape of a middle finger, that's what Dutch players got from Nexon.

    Dutch players with many years of progress (2005-2021). It's like up to 16 years of progress, some players may have started later but regardless that's still many years people have put into this game. And Nexon tells these players just to play in Reboot, that's easy to say, ZERO consideration at all.

    I have never touched Reboot for the same reason as you had but you tried it. I put so much time and effort in the regular server that I completely ignored Reboot when it was released. It just doesn't make sense to restart all over (legion (formerly character cards), link mules, dailies, improving gear).

    The 18th Anniversary event comes with a Meso Shop...it was already expensive in the previous Meso Shops and now they even doubled (or more than doubled) the items' prices.
    ZERO considerations at all to Dutch (and Belgian) Players.

    Your progress will be very limited. The best you can do is get the full CRA set (which I am sure you already have) and Boss gears for the Boss Set effect (from Chaos Horntail, Pink Bean, Magnus, Zakum). It can also be dropped by other players for you to loot. They could also Epic Pot them and cube them to 6% main stats, 70% spelltrace and drop them for you to loot (these don't cost too much for them to do). Starforce the equipments up to 10-stars. (don't go beyond, it's too costly). Don't use Superior Gears like Tyrant gears, well you can use it temporary but don't bother scrolling/starforce them, too expensive. Anything that's untradeable you have to do it yourself (e.g. Emblem or badge if you have one with potential). Then you have to do lots of Arcane River Symbol dailies to improve the symbols and also improve node skills.

    You definitely need to do daily bosses to sell the Boss Crystals for mesos. If you can't do the 'Hard/Chaos' versions of the bosses, then ask to get carried for those but solo the other bosses.

    In every Event Shops if available buy nodestones. This will improve your Boost nodes and Skill nodes. If your boost nodes get to Lv40 (including Node slot upgrades) you will get the extra Ignore Def for the specific skills. It's a 'cheap' way to upgrade your characters but it requires mainly your time. If the Event Shop sells 'Event' Rings, it is recommend to buy 2-3 best available event rings that can get potential. Some may need to be scrolled with exclusive event ring scrolls (it may include the scrolls), some don't need to be scrolled.

    I played like 3 months solo without asking for any help, so far on 2 characters that also had barely anything (1 of them didn't even got 5th job completed). They couldn't beat Chaos Zakum, Chaos Root Abyss etc. in February 2023 but in March 2023, only 1 month later I managed to beat Normal Cygnus, Chaos Root Abyss, Chaos Zakum, Gollux (Difficult 3, aka Hard mode). I did carry them with my main account to get the full CRA set, only to complete the set, but they are missing Gollux set. They are using the common Boss drops with complete CRA Set. Getting the full Gollux set will take a lot of time, like 4 months or so (only if you get to loot coins from Gollux Hell Mode / difficulty 4, because Hard Mode/ difficulty 3 drops less coins, so it takes more time to farm) and then they are still clean. It will require more months to have them fully scrolled. I can already kill Chaos Root Abyss on them comfortably that I don't really need the Gollux Set. (So far only bought 1 Gollux Accessories, because I didn't know they removed the tedious Gollux prequest when I played in February 2023). So after I got the CRA set and scrolled them during Spelltrace fever, epic pot them, 6% stats, I stopped carrying them and just play on them to make progress on each account individually.

    They are explorer classes + knowing what to do, I managed to do this. You do need enough mesos to upgrade Arcane Symbols though, it's very expensive.