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R>Tempted and Temped2, a multipart guild for you

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Hi there everyone! I'm Recruiting for Tempted and Tempted2

About Tempted

Tempted is a large mutliple part guild that accommodates all levels and all styles of players. From the casual of the most casual, to the sweatiest of the hardcores. We are here to help support your Maplestory journey however you choose to take it. We have three different guilds that will accommodate all forms of players. Please read below for explanation.

Multipart guild

Tempted is a guild made up of three individual guilds.First, there is the main guild, Tempted. To join Tempted, you must have at least 3k legion.

What if I don't?

That's okay, we planned for that. As Tempted has always been about allowing all levels to join, we have made a multi-part guild. For those who do **not** reach the 3k requirement, or are wanting to play more casually not worried about Flag and Culvert, you are able to join Tempted2.

Tempted2 is connected to the main guild, with access to our discord, boss carries, guides and more. We also have a guild specifically designed for bossing mules, hyper burning, link and legion mules called Purple!

What we offer you

When you join our guild you are able to choose what type of player you wish to be. Even for those who do not meet the 3k requirement can join Tempted2, as stated above, even those who want a more casual experience can join Tempted2. Regardless, we offer an experience for Casual, Hard Bosser, or BM+ players. This multi-guild system help us to give you the absolute best experience we can offer you in the guild. We have bossing parties that will fit every need, and we will understand what type of player you are. We offer an active discord with 1 on 1 progression and content advice, with a custom bot that links to class guides, training guides and more! Our mule guild is also open add, so you can add your mules as you need them. We also offer community nights and giveaways including vac pets!

What we ask of you

>We ask that all of our members do Culvert on a weekly basis

.>We ask that members do Flag Race until we reach 10k.

>We would like it if you were a main, but if you want to try us out on your mule we welcome that as long as you (see above)

>Be 3k Legion in order to join the main guild, otherwise join Tempted2Tempted2As I have stated, Tempted2 is there for casual players who don't want to worry about Culvert/Flag, and for those who do not meet the requirements. Once you meet the 3k Legion requirement, you may request in the discord to be moved to the main guild. All three of our guilds are in an alliance with each other, so don't worry, you won't miss anything! You are free to request a transfer in the discord when it's time! Please DM me if there are any questions about this.


A guild open to the most casual players to the sweatiest of BM players

An open mule guild to freely add and remove your mules (level 27 guild)

Perfectly tailored boss parties to your playstyle

Level 30 guild with great guild skillsActive community full of wonderful people

One on one advice about progression

The best community in Reboot

Tempted2 (satellite guild) for those who do not meet the requirement but still want to join the guild. You will still have full discord access and can move to the main guild once you do!

We hope you'll enlist with us, we can't wait to have you!


Please DM me if there are any questions, comments, or concerns!