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Nexon's handling of GMS is unacceptable.

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The Jett removal is such a worrying sign of things moving forward. With all the recent noise, it's clear Nexon as a whole does not care at all about GMS. What's the point in spending if the people running our game don't even care? We are not receiving quality content and it's painfully clear that nothing is going to change while the jaded playerbase continues to suckle on nexon's boot. Please start caring for us in GMS. A quality game with quality support will surely lead to greener pastures, but as for right now the game is headed towards its death. Please make change!


  • YamajacYamajac
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    Nobody's safe. Gollux isn't safe. 0 attack speed isn't safe. Beast tamers best be shaking in their boots. Nexon's taking no prisoners and the game's going to suffer as a result.
  • ClawStaffClawStaff
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    I feel like even the forum staff looked at that post about Jett being removed soon and looked in disgust at it and can't trust Nexon anymore. Because I feel like people are being so open about their distrust for Nexon outside of the rants and raves section, which usually has forum staff step in and tell people to stop eventually, and maybe lock the threads eventually, but for this, I haven't seen anything like that yet, or even seen any forum staff reply to these discussions.

    To be fair though if they did that I feel it would only make this situation worse, as it would feel like we're being silenced for thinking in a way that is actually a reasonable way to think in this situation. I do really think though they have no justification for Nexon's decision so can't really remove our discussions about this, because for once we basically unanimously agree that this was a bad call for GMS.

    Usually things like this become arguments with 2 sides, but I've only seen people agree that Jett shouldn't be removed, and that their idea of compensation for their removal isn't enough.
  • happycowshappycows
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    GMS is pathetic.

    We hardly get exclusive regional content anymore. [Clover guild being the only thing i remember recently; was Phantom Forest revamp the last long-term GMS content we got?]. On the contrary, content is outright removed, or nerfed heavily. The reason for this seems to be the withering support within Nexon for GMS. Of course we don't know much, since Pink Bean Bulletins are few and far between, and do not shed much insight on what the community really wants to know about with regards to the direction of this game long term.

    Regardless of who decides what for GMS, the end result is a player-base who can't even trust their own game, a playerbase that lives in a constant state of dread for the inevitable nerfs and content removals ahead... [Should i invest in this class/ Inner Ability, or will Attack Speed 0 cap be removed by Nexon - Should i spend time working on this Link Skill / Legion Block? or will the class and its bonuses simply be deleted at some point and invalidate my efforts? Should i invest my time saving up Gollux coins for the gear? Or will this content be removed before i have enough saved up? Should i invest my time and resources working on a good flame for my Papulatus mark, or will Nexon remove the ability to transfer the flame to Sweetwater Equipement - Spoiler this nerf already happened].

    It was said in the Maple Memo about Jett removal that "Going forward we want to focus our development efforts on high quality content"

    ...Don't get too excited. For a company that can't even release interesting or worthwhile items in their weekly crash shop updates, this is likely just another empty promise