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Ring coupons no longer dropping on 2x ticket day

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edited September 2023 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Event glitch, no more drops
Brief bug summary: Ring Coupons stopped dropping after unknown reasons.

More details:

I reached 202/400 today, changed characters to do some bossing, and switched back, and did some other things like bossing. Afterwards, coupons stopped dropping from all sources, even on other characters, and in level synced content like commerci. Restarting the game, restarting the computer, and redownloading the game did not fix the problem.

Steps to reproduce:


Character name: NousagiPeko

Character level: 233

Character job: Bowmaster

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: 9/2 PST


  • D3xlessD3xless
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    edited September 2023
    Same thing happened to me. The game probably doesn't understand that the limit is supposed to be 400 after you switch characters so it prevents you from getting more tickets because you already got over 200 that day.
  • DancemonDancemon
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    edited September 2023
    same issue