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Please don't implement Reboot EXP Nerfs

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Hey Nexon,

Please don't implement the nerfs to Reboot EXP and Mob HP as seen in the Korean version of the game.
These changes will only severely hurt Reboot mainly in the level 200+ areas of the game.

Regular servers have access to services from other players like frenzy totem which if still in the game will create another large gameplay discrepancy between the two styles of playing Maplestory.

The nerfs to EXP needed between 250-300 do not seem make up for slowed rate of leveling.

Please revisit this and do not blindly implement every change that comes form Korea.
  1. How should GMS handle Reboot EXP Nerfs13 votes
    1. Don't implement Mob HP and EXP Nerfs
       77% (10 votes)
    2. Adjust Leveling curve from 250-300 to account for the nerfs so there is no change in leveling speed
       23% (3 votes)


  • KappaDrewKappaDrew
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    edited September 2023
    1000% agreed, keep the exp and final dmg and such the way it is currently so we can grind at a comparable rate to frenzy totem. We are already going to fall massively behind in terms of Sol Erda and Erda Fragments.
  • RedRavenRedRaven
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    rather they dont nerf the exp gain....its extremely tedious to catch up to more veteran players as a returning player....its even more hostile to new players & more casual ppl

    heck i got like 14 hours to play per day and i yet to catch up to ppl after near 4 months play time
    only 1/3 of the way to build a proper legion(42 lvl 200)

    basicly as no-lifer its roughly 1 year gameplay to catch up NEAR end-game players

    my friend that came back to maple prob wont get there untill 4 years later due to time restriction

    assuming she play dat long

    ...i like the legion system but at the same time its unfriendly to ppl just starting..so i think game design around it was a massive mistake
    nerfing the exp rate knowing mass alts are needed is just no, wth?, why?,does not make sense

    instead of nerfing exp on reboot just rise the exp gain on regular server to match reboot

    and just for reg servers ppl.....after rising the reg server exp rate to be as good as reboot
    give your non-reboot veterans 75% exp boost for 1 month and give new//returning player 100% exp boost for 2 months

    by Veterans i mean 10 months+ gameplay
    and by new/returning i mean 0 day to10 months gameplay
    EDIT: just to be specific, i'am only suggesting this mega boost so reg serv ppl can sort of catch up with reboot players
    for returning players//new that already started playing the buff should start as soon as they logging next time
    ALL fully new accounts should get the buff for 2 months to help them get slightly nearer with more advanced players
    so that they have a chance to party with some ppl(its boring alone ya know)

    make your reg serv ppl happy instead of torturing them :S and instead of bringing down reboot ppl to suffer like reg serv ppl

    happy players = game reputation goes up.......so i strongly advise againts pissing off ppl and choose the good option ;)

    that be all i have to say for now think well on this NX :)
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    RedRaven wrote: »
    rather they dont nerf the exp gain....its extremely tedious to catch up to more veteran players as a returning player....its even more hostile to new players & more casual ppl

    I think all new accounts should start with 3-5 Tera burns that never expire, on top of all the other burns we get.
    Maple is extremely unforgiving to new players because of how long it takes to setup.
    Sadly this change only exists to make reboot worse, as Nexon is trying to balance it in Korea to be the less attractive server.
    GMS however has a weird relationship between reg and reboot where the EXP rates are different than in KMS.
    If Nexon wants to make this change for us we need changes to cash items that boost rates like Frenzy totem.

    Struggling to one shot is also a loved element of reboot for me, having to balance drop/meso gear with one shotting is core to reboot imo.
  • JakkyrJakkyr
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    I think it's preposterous to just suddenly make a change like nerfing the reboot xp. It's cutting down the xp ammount by so much and "Not being fair" doesn't even come close to it. If they're expecting people to get to 285 and beyond for the next updates, and then making it harder to do it, it doesn't make sense. The curve squish is nice and it helps a lot, but it's to be expected for an update like that, which expects you to be 10 levels higher for the newest content. But the trip to 285 will be even slower instead of faster because of it, which defeats the purpouse completely.

    I doubt there's gonna be a xp curve squish because as far as I know it's been on par with KMS, so it really feels like a systemic problem from over there, and how the regular server players have struggled to get up in level too. Boost items in GMS like the frenzy and wild totems have helped a lot to fix a problem from KMS. So removing wild totem, and now reboot xp buff, it's giving us as bad of an experience as the KMS players.

    The optimal would of course be "Fix regular server xp in KMS", but the second best is "Don't change things back when it's already there as a fix". Since the developers are gladly not adding QOL without uproar that KMS is getting, we should be able to ask for a change not to be implemented too. Because we KNOW the GMS developers do not care about parity. Because if we had parity, we'd have a lot of perma outfits in the cash shop instead of the rotation thing they have (Which some outfits just never come back with).

    The developers of GMS has almost only removed things exclusive to our region for a while now, and it saddens me. We know it's not their fault, it's going to be higher ups and pressure from the KMS team. But without any way of doing anything else, we will ask, and keep asking. Until the problem has been fixed in KMS, why change it in GMS. Just like the frenzy toems, there's alternative ways to get more xp in the regular servers. So I hope our catchup xp, just like our catchup power with the reboot final damage buff, stays in place. At least until the core problem gets fixed elsewhere.
  • BobbyWeaveBobbyWeave
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    There's no point in implementing it in GMS. KMS only implemented it because they panicked seeing their reg server players leaving for reboot. It was a kneejerk reaction for them and has nothing to do with game balance. GMS reboot players already don't want to play reg servers so making reboot worse will only make our reboot players quit. For a lot of us, reg server isn't a game that we would ever play. It's not reboot or reg for us like the KMS reg server refugees, it's reboot or another hobby.

    If the goal is to improve monetization and the approach being taken in KMS is to move reg server refugees back to reg server, then in GMS there needs to be a plan to improve monetization in reboot specifically. Old cash outfits in 15k NX packs, NX red familiar cards like in JMS, clover event again, etc. I don't really care how it's done, but this isn't a change that makes sense for our service.