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The horrendous state of Kanna worsens once again

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It is unreal how delusional these decisions at Nexon are regarding the Kanna class. After the first nerf back in destiny, while all other classes got buffed it was already dead last in solo DPM. Then on top of that they decide to nerf mana overload, remove exo weaving and give another party damage nerf to domain with nothing to aid the solo damage of Kanna in return.

With the 6th job preview we saw all Kanna 5th job enhancement nodes and let me break those down:

Oni Lords Legion - This skill gets a 60% FD increase. Yet this skill is still so incredibly weak it's not worth using besides for the Iframe it provides
Yuki Musume - Also 60% FD increase. Same story, the skill itself deals negligable damage, it's only used for it's mana regen and health regen.
Spirits Domain - flat 20% boss at max level (Self only). what is this? it's literally THE WORST 5th job boost in the whole game. Leveling this skill from 0->30 gives you 1% FD, it's a phenomenal waste of sol erda. (For comparison, Bishops benediction gives them 10% Final Damage, making their node 10x stronger)
Liberated Spirit Circle - 60% FD increase. The only skill that actually increased Kannas damage by a noticeable amount.

With Kannas boss clear times already being double those of similarly funded classes, this is another huge slap in the face. The average class has 3 V skills that actually make up a significant portion of their BA, Kanna has 1.

Kanna severely lacks Final damage, crit rate and IED. It's one of the few classes where breaking gollux for pitched boss set will always be a solo damage nerf due to the IED requirement of bosses. What once was the most popular class is now a dying breed.


  • ShimShim
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    And we still have a cooldown on our up jump and Kishin for some reason. This job just needs a rework or deletion, seriously.
  • AkuHitsujiAkuHitsuji
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    At this point Kanna needs to be almost completely retooled. I say retooled because I like her skills and animations so much (it's why most of us play her to begin with). Nexon really needs to stop the random nerf bat "balancing" and take this job, that is loves by a lot of players, seriously. Redo the numbers on all skills or just rework the class but keep the awesome animations intact. This class has suffered enough