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LF>Scania Guild

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edited November 2023 in Guilds

Returning player here, have really been getting back into the game.
Played since GMS/NA was released (2004?) but had a long hiatus after Big Bang update.
So I am an "old school" player if you will.

Looking to join a Guild on Scania, the social aspect of the game is really different.
It's funny - back then wishing to find an empty map, now all I find ARE empty maps! lol

Would like to party quest, socialize, and get those nostalgic feels again :)
I do play mostly on the weekends EST time zone. (Adult life, married, career etc. so free weekends is when I play to decompress)
Happy to contribute to the guild however I can as well.
I do love party quests, though I have to learn them all again!

IGN: sacredyujaX1
Current Level: 211
Class: Thief/Khali

Thanks in advance!