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New Hyperion Server Startup Guide

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Greetings Maplers. I doubt this forum gets much traffic but new server, and new hype and I'm bored at my lunch break so I decided to share my new server startup plan with the lot of you. These are suggestion based on the current state of maplestory in 2023.

ON REBOOT SERVER AND YOUR DAILY GOALS - Boss crystals are the biggest source of mesos and mesos are the single most important resource in a reboot server which Hyperion is, therefore our first priority is rushing a character to tackle as many bosses as possible. Every week starting on thursdays you can sell 180 boss crystals to the NPC in the free market for your single highest source of mesos. In order to capitalize on this income, this means you will want to sell 26 boss crystals a day. It will be easier to reach this goal the more you progress, but for a short term goal you will want to have essentially 3 total bossing characters, your main and 2 boss mules. This will allow you to kill the best 11 daily bosses early and capitalize on the income. Replace daily boss crystals with weekly ones once your progression allows.

CHOOSING YOUR MAIN - First and foremost every class in the game is viable with enough funding, so choose a class that you like playing, the list below is simply recommendations and is by no means absolute.

Here are some recommendations of classes that will make great mains at this time and the reasons why I recommend them:

Dawn Warrior - A super easy to play class with outstanding DPS even at low funding. S tier class atm.
Bishop - The best support class in the game, always in high demand for end game boss parties. You will never have an issue finding a party to play with and even solo play is A tier.
Shadower - Highest meso obtained in game due to built in buff. Slightly harder to play class as maximizing DPS requires a little skill weaving in your basic attack rotation.
Hero - Another very easy to play class with excellent DPS at low funding.
Fire/Ice Mage - Powerfull AOE skills enable this class to clear entire maps with ease. Once you hit 6th job this class is arguably the strongest mage class in game.
Night Lord - Built in drop rate in main mobbing skill and great DPS, maining this class will accelerate your progression due to increased nodes, mesos and familiars as well.

I chose Shadower as my first main, and my burning character. Shadower has an inbuilt meso buff which grants it 20% More meso gain rate than any other class in maplestory can acquire. (This can be counteracted by a class that can clearly maps faster and more efficiently of course, but generically on paper this is the case.) Use all resources and mesos to rush Shadowerer to 100% meso drop and 80% drop rate on gear accessories as soon as possible to maximize gains while leveling burning character to 260.

LINK SKILLS - Training link skills is your second priority and the zero to one hundred event is absolutely perfect for this. You can designate 7 characters over the course of the event to reach level 100 quickly, one character per day. These are the 7 characters that I recommend you should level to at least 120 for their level 2 link skills utilizing this event:

Character 1: Mercedes - 15% Exp gain.
Character 2: Demon Avenger - 10% damage increase.
Character 3: Evan - 50% increased rune duration.
Character 4: Kanna - 10% damage increase.
Character 5: Aran - 600% combo kill exp increase.
Character 6: Phantom - 15% Crit Chance increase.
Character 7: Lara - Up to 20% damage increase while mobbing.

(There are definitely other link skills worth using and 12 link slots to fill. Based on your choice of main there may be other, better link skills to use. These are overall generic BIS links for leveling, suitable for any main. This is simply my recommended path for the zero to one hundred event.)

Some other worthwhile link mules include: Xenon - 10% all stats; Demon Slayer - 15% Boss damage; Beast Tamer - 10% crit chance and boss damage; Kinesis - 4% Crit Damage; Luminous -15% Ignore enemy Defense; and many other situational link skills based on your choice of main.

LEVELING YOUR LINKS - I recommend NOT making your hyper burn character one of the zero to one hundred characters as hyper burn is already super fast to train and there are a lot of characters to build when starting fresh.

Train your link skill character to level 101 in the exp boosted maps from the zero to one hundred maps then go finish the identisk quests to unlock the food storage event. This event is also a super fast exp boosting event that you can use 3x a week to boost characters fast. Again I recommend NOT using this on your hyper burn and only using it on your link mules.

Once you've unlocked the food storage event go to a random map and find a rune. Use the rune to get the 2x exp buff for 10 minutes and pop a 2x exp coupon and enter the food storage event. Clear the 1000 mobs and your link Mule should hit at least level 120. This took no longer than 45 minutes total on my first link Mule. The rest of my training on day one is spent leveling my hyper burning main. Repeat this process for 3 days for 3 different link mules.

Again your priority is to get you main to farming bosses and getting Arcane River dailies for the symbols and mesos as quickly as possible to get a head start. If your time is limited focus main toon rather than link mules as the zero to one hundred can only be used seven times and lasts quite a long time.

LEGION - Your third priority is Legion mules and should only be addressed after you've gotten your initial Level 2 Link skills in order. Link skill gains are more powerful than Legion Grid gains early on, so I won't dive too much further into them at this time.

I hope someone finds this somewhat useful!


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    Clarification on Meso drop and drop rate on gear.

    Meso drop and drop rate are lines that can appear only on legendary accessories when you cube them.

    Meso drop rate is capped at 100% gained from gear, and appears in 20% lines, therefore you need 5 lines of meso drop to maximize. Monsters do not drop meso bags all the time. In order to acquire 100% drop rate of meso bags from each monster you kill you need 67% increased item drop rate. Drop rate lines appear as 20% therefore you need 4 drop rate lines in order to guarantee 100% drop rate of mesos from monsters you kill.

    This means you need a total of 9 lines to maximize your mesos from monsters. And there are more than 9 accessories. It can cost anywhere from 1 to 3 billion mesos to cube an item to legendary and get one of the required lines. To get 2 of the required lines on a single item the rate is waaay waaaaay harder so I recommended only aiming for one line on each item to start with in order to minimize how much you spend getting your drop gear.
  • MapleNicheMapleNiche
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    Thanks for the brief guide :smiley: (and for clarifying how to get drop lines on gear). I'm guessing you're recommend doing 1 link mule per day and then playing your main? With the 0 to 100 event it seems like it won't take that much time at all to reach 120 on a mule.
  • SilvenSilven
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    MapleNiche wrote: »
    Thanks for the brief guide :smiley: (and for clarifying how to get drop lines on gear). I'm guessing you're recommend doing 1 link mule per day and then playing your main? With the 0 to 100 event it seems like it won't take that much time at all to reach 120 on a mule.

    You are correct. Early on I spend about 20% of my time on LINKS and Legion, and 80% on main and boss mules. Essentially every 5 hours I play, 1 hour is spent on mules and 4 hours on my mains. Your mules are a massive portion of your overall account progression and therefore their importance cannot be overstated.