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[Reboot Hyperion] R> Daddy

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➤ Guild: Daddy (Alliance: Chill)
➤ Recruiting all daddies starting a new life in Hyperion (kidding, all are welcome)
➤ We are looking to grow together a chill and friendly community for all types of players who are passionate about MapleStory.
➤ We are also looking for other active chill guilds to join our alliance. DM me on discord!

➤ Weekly guild culvert/flag (highly encouraged but life happens, we get it)

➤ Expand into a friendly and resourceful community for everyone.
➤ Focus on maintaining chill vibes towards a positive and stress-free community.
➤ Mains only (due to limited space) & Avg Lvl 220+

➤ Mule guild (Name Zaddy) to park your alternate characters!
➤ Active discord & voice/stream channels (create your own).
➤ Join and participate in Daddy exclusive seasonal giveaways!
➤ Join or create your own bossing party events on our discord server with set date/time.
➤ Automatic notification reminder 30 mins before boss run
➤ Automatic voice channel creation 30 mins before boss run
➤ Automatic private thread channel upon event creation
➤ Sign up for boss carries for your main or mules on our discord server.
➤ Subscribe to automatic daily/weekly bot reminders for daily and/or weekly reset, events, ursus 2x times, sunny sundays, and more!

➤ Join our discord server to get started! https://dc.gg/daddy
➤ Open invitation: everyone is welcome to join as a member, friend, or visitor!