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system of report pesim

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First of all, this is the legal forum for Maplestory and someone must monitor activities in and out of the game. supposedly? ... The number of hackers is catastrophic, in limina hotel and more in labyrinth of suffering deep core 2 by the entrance of hilla. Day and night it is full of bots and hackers, huge characters and in the face of a deficient reporting system, is this system good? Is this system monitored by a GMS to investigate these people? It's 4:00 am in EU Eastern time and I've been looking at the number of hackers and bots since 8 :00 pm at night in all those places. Can any gms answer this? because this damages the integrity of the game, there are people unjustly legally banned with cases of fake ban, but others and more on regular servers where they use hack programs, happy and relaxed... absurd yes...