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Acquired two Mercenaries today in Abyss.

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I glitched the Norma NPC today. I ranked up right at day change and bought a Mercenary. Left the hut and got my quests. Went to the 4th area to kill the boss as it was one of my quests. Came back to board and turned it in. Put my new Mercenary in my active party and went back in the hut. Talked to Norman again for no real reason and he gave me a second Mercenary. Thought this was intended until I told my BL and none of them could get a second Mercenary. Commented about it in Discord and no one knew about it there either. Not certain what really caused it but if I had to take a shot, probably when I did everything in the very first min of day change.
6:00 PM Central
Kanna (because it would be glitched on a Kanna)