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Losing my Jett was the last straw

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Let's try to make this short and sweet. Nexon, I've been hacked twice, lost all of my items twice and have spent a whole lot of time getting my characters where they're currently at since 2007. Now, one of these characters is being forced inside of a room, demanding that I turn it into a different class. I'm not. It's staying in that room forever a Jett. And I FINALLY have my reason to step away for good. I'm not surprised, but man, what a slap in the face by a company I've supported for so long. I'm not even going to ask "Why this?" or "Why that?" because it will only fall on deaf ears. Just know that I regret spending as much time as I did on Maplestory and I completely blame myself. RIP to my favorite character and to what once was a good game/company.

Bye, Felicia!