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Where are the cool Konosuba items?

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I'm not sure if this is even the correct part of the forum but I need to know. I mean... in previous events (like the Evangelion or Attack on Titan ones) you could just enter the cash shop and buy the collab items directly. I've been away from Maplestory for like 8 years and there's a lot I don't understand now. I just want those fancy chairs with the Konosuba characters and such but I just can't find them in the cash shop.

Where can I get them? How can I get them? Even in the list of possible Konosuba items in the surprise box I don't see them listed. I see lots of people that have the characters floating around and they either ignore me when I ask them or say stuff like "It's an even thing"... dude, I know that. What do I do to get it? Any help? I really do want those Konosuba chairs and maybe the characters floating around, too.