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Tengu Bug

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edited May 3 in Bug Reporting

Tengu doesn't attack.
Name : NongKim
SV : GMS Heroic Hyperion (NA)
Class : Buccaneer


  • KimKim
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    edited May 4
    May 5
    still doesn't attack.
    i cann't finish quest please fix it TT
  • WarmAdventurerWarmAdventurer
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    edited May 14
    Same for me
  • YooshinbuYooshinbu
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    edited May 18
    Tengu just floats around midair in bird form. I've been sitting boss battle for ten minutes and all he does is float around. Why is the tengu battle so sensitive to all maintenance and patches???
  • AveyondFanAveyondFan
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    edited May 22
    I'm having this issue as well.
    I have a video of the issue as well, if it helps at all.