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Angelic Buster Link Skill Notice

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Hi Maplers,
Our livestreams are prepared with the intention of introducing the update to players as soon as possible. Due to the schedule of the stream, what we showed was not the final build, but an interim internal test build.

As a result, during the v.251 Update Preview livestream held last week on June 7th, the Angelic Buster Terms and Conditions Lv. 3 value was revealed, but this was not the final version. Since we try to prepare for the stream using the content of the test build, this led to incorrect information being provided.

The correct final value for Angelic Buster's Link Skill Terms and Conditions Lv. 3 is +120% skill damage for 10 sec. Cooldown: 60 sec.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion and incorrect information that was given. For more details, check out the patch notes coming tomorrow (6/11).