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Smarter System Additions

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Here are some QoL I can think of that would make going through the game's systems much faster.

For those that used Rebirth Flames, it highlights the items in your inventory that aren't flammable such as rings, badges, emblems, shoulders and secondaries and tradable items if you are using a Karma flame. I hoping we get a similar feature when it comes for item fusing. Once one item is selected for fusing, all items in the inventory that aren't that item would be highlighted in red so only duplicates of the items you are trying to fuse would be visible. This feature would be extremely useful for fusing items that share the same sprite (Empress Capes and Shoulders, Tyrant Gear, Absolab Armors, etc.)

With the quick character swap coming soon from KMS's Milestone update, this would be a great addition. This feature would allow you to look into the inventories of all the characters on your character for any missing items or if they lack items and to see how many mesos they have. I was thinking of an item search feature that you search manually like Pet Item Ignore, but it would only work on one item and you would need to spell it correctly. This feature doesn't require you to remember the item's name and you could search multiple items with Rummage. This would eliminate the need to check every character when something goes missing. I was thinking about this feature being an expansion to the Legion System, but it would not show characters below a certain level in case someone has a level 10 storage mule that is loaded.

Character Stat Check
This feature is used to see the equips, stats and skills etc. of other players. This would be a handy feature to see the stats of your other characters in case you have gear prepared for them or wondering who needs to be worked on instead of visiting all characters until you find someone with a V Matrix or ability that is lacking.

Finding you other characters
This feature would allow you to find which map your other characters are in (not the channel.) This might be least useful feature on this list.