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Suggestions and Requests 9.25 - 10.1

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Suggestion TypeSuggestion DetailsLink
Items Level 100 Emblems for Kanna, Hayato, Beast Tamer, and Jett. Forum
Items Make all chairs movable within the account due to inventory issues. Old Forum
Items Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge - Currently the only pottable badge that is worth using in-game. Consider allowing players to replace their badge if destroyed.
Alternatively - Implement new badge geared towards characters that are above Lv. 160.
Items Add [S] Rank Nebulites to account for power creep of bosses Forum
Gameplay Improve inventory space and management. Forum
Gameplay Remove Anti-Hack measures from Hard Magnus
  • 15 Minute Item Restriction
  • Remove the maximum time you can spend dead
Gameplay Improve Practice for Tower of Oz
  • Remove Time Restrictions
  • No rewards (no exp or items)
  • No ranking
Gameplay Crusder Codex Revamp -
  • Clean up duplicate and outdated monsters
    • Possibly add section for "Classic" or"Retro" monsters that are no longer obtainable
  • Add cards for new monsters
  • Implement JMS Features
    • Summon Multiple Familiars
    • Familiar Potential
  • Implement CMS/TMS Feature
    • Different UI
    • Multiple Codex Set Effects at a time
Gameplay Allow items to be linked in chat without use of Item Megaphone similar to World of Warcraft.

Possibility - Allow items to be linked in /all, /buddy, /guild, etc. chat. Would only be linked to people around you. Item Megaphones for cross channel and global links.
Gameplay Remove Magnus Anti-Hack measures. Old Forum
Gameplay Bring back election events and possibly videos Forum
Gameplay Improve guild joining process
  • Remove the requirement to request to join a guild
  • Allow players to accept guild invites similar to buddy requests
Gameplay Monster Collection Improvements -
  • Remove Unique variant requirements for Elite Mobs
  • Increase chance to add monsters to collection
Gameplay Bring back henesys Hunting Ground for low level training. Forum
Gameplay Monster Live Revamp Suggestions Forum
Gameplay Taxi and Travel Improvements - Centralized Travel for players.

Players are already able to freely travel to almost every town in the game without use of Hyper Teleport Rock. Could potentially implement new portal system that allows to travel to all towns.
NX Cash Bonus Potential Cubes in Maple Rewards Shop Forum
NX Cash Cash Shop Transfer Event Forum
NX Cash More user friendly Nebulite Extractor. Forum
NX Cash / Items Epic and Unique Bonus Potential Scrolls Forum
NX Cash Name Change Coupons/Event Forum
NX Cash Allow male characters to use Freckles, the face accessory. Forum
NX Cash Create Label Rings for Guild Names. Forum
NX Cash Permanent Nero Cat Pet Forum
NX Cash Mix Dye Coupon in Cash Shop instead of just in Star Planet Forum
NX Cash / Gameplay Multi-Damage Skin (Changes when your stance or form switches e.g. Zero and Luminous)

Alternative - Allow Damage Skins to be keybound similar to other Cash Effects