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how good is Evan mob and bossing?

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basicly title says all but again how good is evan in bossing and mobbin?


  • TAKaiserTAKaiser
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    Im just trying out the new Evan now. I just started, got him to level 48. I played him about 2 years ago before the 4th job revamp and he was - Meh, but that kind of depends on how you see him.
    Pros :
    - Gain More SP than Adventurer/Aran/KoC
    - Not Required to go for Job Advancement
    - Able to Max All Skills by Level 195
    - Many Mobbing Skills to accelerate your training experience
    - Able to resurrect 2~3 random party members
    - Able to provide extra resistance to magic attacks for party members
    - Able to restore MP for party members especially useful for magicians
    - Deal High Magic Damage especially when combined Elemental Amplification and Dragon Fury
    - Able to Cast 4 different types of elemental skills
    - Have a higher chance to deal Critical Damage
    - High Mastery Rate compared to other mages
    - Faster Magic Booster compared to other mages
    Cons :
    - Relatively Low HP (Though higher than the regular mages)
    - Only able to attack monster on the direction you/your dragon is facing
    - Magic Guard is nerfed
    - Keyboard will be flooded with plenty of skills
    - Most Skills are of short duration and have cooldown

    That tends to be the pros and cons of Evan but i can keep you updated ^^