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Features one would like to see in MapleStory

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Whenever I am playing Maple, or any game to be honest, I always have thoughts on the elements present in that game and if these don't satisfy me completely, I always end up daydreaming of ways they could be better. Maybe I am not the only one? so I would like to let you hear what some of y thoughts on this are and I'd like to hear what yours are aswell if you got any.

What elements / features of maplestory would you change to make better? and what others would you add?

Let's keep it realistic and simple please. Suggest things that aren't too far from what we've already been getting. Things like "eliminate cubes", "delete potential", "make nx drop from monster" and mostly anything related to NX are probably never happening, so lets try to focus on smaller things.

I will start:


Medals: The way the medal system works right now is really lame in my opinion. There are probably around 500 medals in the game, rewarding players for achieving different goals. The game tries to sell you the idea that they all are valuable and you want to obtain them all, so they put them as a reward to every new content and every new event they release, and yet you only need 1... what else can be said about this?

My solution: Medal case: An Item / UI that allow you to put a set amount of medals, which acquires stats equal to the sum of the stats on all the medals you put into it and changes the medal tittle you carry to that of the one medal you set as main one.

Since medals cannot have potential lines and all of them have incredible low stats that are trivial when compared to the average of end game items circulating around, why not simply allow you to put medals in this case, and all of their stats to stack up and go to your character? At first I thought that simply revamping the medal collection UI, allowing for ALL medals in your collection to stack up would be the best since getting them all requires an inmense amount of work, but a friend suggested the amount of stats one could get from it would be broken due to the potential system, so I don't know about this. With the damage cap gone I am not sure this would be a problem, but I'll leave that to those that are pro at the math formulas of maplestory.

I see this as a win for everyone, even Nexon, because they could even release different cases in CS that alter the way the Medal tittle looks giving them yet another way to profit from the game that doesn't give an advantage to those with money.


Boss queue system: One problem I got with the boss queue UI or whatever is called is that it doesn't really reward anyone for teaming up to fight a boss. In the end the players that fight X boss together end up gaving to share the spoils from that fight, so If you can already solo that boss, the only benefit you get from queueing is a shorter queue time, and thats it.

My suggestion: Simply change the boss reward system. Would it really affect the game negatively if everyone was rewarded full exp from fighting a boss and ALL drops were instanced to every person in the fight? I am poor so I take EVERYTHING and I use what I can / extract what I can / NPC what I can., but It also saddens me not being able to party with friends or others that need help with bossing because I need to loot.


Let me hear what you guys think of these ones and let me read those ones you got in mind. Maybe we can get loud enough for one of these to appear one day as a release part of "A better Maple".