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I just don't know what to do...

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I was leveling up my 130ish Cannon Master, when i tought that the pirates map with Krus and Captains would be a good ideia, you know, the horizontal range of their skill is really good...
I decided to go there by walking.
I found 4 hackers on my way to the map. Then i found 4 more looking for a channel to farm.
Then i found a free ch... sometime later, a hacker got there and started farming.
Then i cc'd.... just to find another one.
So, i spent my 10 reports and i bet that if i stay on Herb Town, i'll find MANY more hackers...
What should i do if i keep finding them?

Edit: I'm a Luna player btw


  • chaoscauserchaoscauser
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    Send in a ticket or live chat someone.
  • John360John360
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    Herb town has most hackers. 10 daily!
  • GambyThe4thGambyThe4th
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    Send in a ticket or live chat someone.
    Does that work? I've submitted hacking report tickets with no satisfying results.
  • NarutoNaruto
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    Honestly I haven't seen gm's do anything about hackers, they are everywhere in reboot