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[REBOOT] Looking for friends and a guild.

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Restarted playing MapleStory recently (4 days ago) and I want to meet friendly people to play and learn again.
I´m a Lv 92 Dual Blade now.
Character name Feioegordo

Hope to see you people in the game soon.


  • AkihikoT_AkihikoT_
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    I'm gonna make a burning Xenon on Reboot when Maple comes back up. Idk what friends really do on Maplestory since I usually just solo grind, but I'm down to chat.
  • KidsterJewanKidsterJewan
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    Heya Nice to meet ya! When server comes back up Ill add ya and we can be friends n stuffz
    Also aside from grinding and leveling up, friends and guilds help when you get to higher levels for bossing and not to mention just more fun talking with others and making friends from all around to discuss virtually anything.