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Some suggestions

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edited November 2016 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
1. Bring back heroes of maple package (clothes, etc) to cash shop for another limited period of time
2. Bring back permanent pendant slot to cash shop for another limited period of time
3. Most of mages' teleport skills have fixed values of skill delay and aren't dependent on Internet latency, but luminous one is dependent on Internet latency which is unfair (don't increase the skill delay). This should be fixed as it is a bug.
4. Luminous' orb potision is not correct. Also we don't have the dark and light storyline for luminous. Nexon should fully update luminous to the KMS version, such as storyline, quests, etc.
5. It would be good to adjust(raise) reflection's range and teleport range while keeping the kms lumi. These are to keep up with other classes in the V updates as they are all getting a buff.
6. A general suggestion - classes should have more unique and useful features, and more customized