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What is the most fun class to play with a friend?

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I have been a mapler for a long time, and I've returned to have some fun with my friend. I want to create a class that has different options but the same map set (for example, you have 2 different paths for pirates, different Cygnus knights, etc).

So, can you guys please help a fellow mapler out and tell me what cool classes me and my friend can play, while having different skill sets to make stuff interesting.


  • IDontKnowWhatMyNameIsIDontKnowWhatMyNameIs
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    It's kind of hard to tell people what classes to make because it's really your preference. Maybe you might like warriors, and your friend likes mages.

    I say you just pick something and go with it...there's TONS of YouTube videos showcasing each classes skills and stuff :) Check those out and choose accordingly!
  • ValryiaValryia
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    A paladin (together with warrior or dark knight), bishop ( together with IL or FP Mage) or a battlemage (together with Blaster, Wild Hunter, Mech) would go well together with their respective paths, since they are partyplayers more then others.