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Klay Thompson 60 POINTS IN 3 QUARTERS!

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edited December 2016 in Off-Topic Discussion
My GOD! When Klay Thompson gets on fire he just doesn't miss.
You guys think he could have broke Kobe Bryant's 81 Points record if he played in the 4th quarter?


  • Mallow256Mallow256
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    As nice as it is to see Klay hitting his stride... There is this nice little place called "Off-Topic Discussion", and its where this post belongs.

    Unfortunately, I either slept through the game or was too busy playing some sc2 and didn't get to watch the game. Hell, I didn't get to watch the game cuz I'm temporarily kicked out of my room, and this room doesn't have cable for the TV. 'Course the game I miss Klay goes ham.
  • macedomacedo
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    Did you so russel beastbrook making is 6 straight triple duble and is 11 this season
  • FleaFlea
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    He's lucky to be playing with 3 other all stars to create for him. He's just a spot up shooter, And I'm sure he could have come close or broke kobe's record, but kobe's 61 through 3 quarters and 81 was still more impressive.