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Combo marbles D/cing me or crashing the the game

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edited December 2016 in Bug Reporting
I've noticed whenever i've tried to get a good amount of combo kills for the combo marble exp ( i have an aran link skill which buffs the marbles to give even more exp) i tend to disconnect around 350 combo marble count the game either just disconnects me and returns to the log in screen or it crashes the entire game This has happened to me on several characters so i can't tell you the specific skills used but as it's happened several different classes and i noticed this trend happening i thought it might be a good idea to say something the best info i can give is this i can say it always happens when i reach 350 combo count

info on the last char it happened on
World: broa
Last ign it happened on : CannonerAshie
Time and date: aprox 1am EST on 12/13/16
skills used : 3rd job cannnoneer ( unsure which it was)
Char level : 76