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Forum Features Walkthrough

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Hey everyone, and welcome to the new and improved MapleStory official forums. If you’d like to learn about some of the new features, and how to best get around this new space, keep on reading below so you can really take advantage of all we have to offer.

Forum Layout / Dev Replies
First and foremost, we’re sure you’ve seen the new front page layout, making it easier than ever to choose a specific section or view the latest developer posts right as you load up the page. One major goal of the new forums is to have fans of MapleStory know when Nexon folks respond directly to a comment, so check out below how it will look now:


We’ve separated our teams by color to help differentiate individuals better.
- Blue/Orange = Nexon
- Pink = Moderators

If a thread has been started by a dev, there will be multiple markings to indicate this.
- A color-coded bar on the left side
- A color-coded name under the “Started By”

If a thread has been started by one of you, and we comment in it, you’ll notice a color-coded “Maple Leaf” in the “Replies” column. This indicates that a dev has responded within the thread.
Badges and Rep Points
Within the forums, we’ve applied a large amount of badges to earn. These range from small things like sending a private message or actually using the search bar (seriously people, use it!), to larger tasks such as post counts or even streaming the game or creating some awesome fan art.


Each badge will reward you with 100 points towards your overall rep in the forums. You can also earn rep by “Liking” other posts, calling out “Insightful” posts, or having other users do the same to you. Those points add up and become part of an overall global leaderboard, which we not only update each week, but will remain a running tally while you’re a part of the MapleStory community.


Your three most recent completed badges will appear underneath your profile as well.
Posting and Polls
Posting to specific sections is just as you would think. Jump into a section you wish to post in, and click the “Start A New Discussion” button. Fill in your title, add everything you want to talk about, and click either the “Preview” or “Post Discussion” button.


You can also add a poll to any post, by clicking on the checkbox for “Attach Poll”. Clicking that will reveal a new section with a “Question” and “Option” categories to fill in. Right now, you can add up to 10 total options for each poll.

Liking & Reporting
Let’s say you see someone being awesome, or being a jerk and not following the rules. Underneath every post in the forums, you’ll see a few options. First, there are buttons for “Like” and “Insightful”, when those certain users are awesome, but there’s also a “Report” button. Feel free to use that and fill out the form, and we’ll be sure to take a look to see if any rule breaking has been occurring.
The Future:
It should be noted that we have more plans in terms of additions to the forums, so if you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to post in the “General MapleStory Discussion” as we’re more than open to new ideas and additions to make forum life more enjoyable for everyone.

Here are some things already being worked on:
- More badges
- Updated text/HTML editor when posting
- Ability to link to your own custom avatar (instead of just the default)

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