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MapleStory Bug Reporting Guidelines

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Although we test all content before it goes live, some bugs escape our detection as content is constantly changing and updating. We would like to request your help in reporting bugs you may run into while playing MapleStory. Your reports would be most beneficial in improving MapleStory for you and your fellow players.

The purpose of this section of the forum is for you and your fellow players to discuss bugs you have found with each other, to determine if what you are experiencing actually is a bug, to determine how common the issue is (ex. is it isolated, occasional, or widespread), and to clarify exactly what is occurring in order for you to submit more accurate tickets to Customer Support. Please note that this section is not for discussions on hacking nor is it for technical support. Please post in the technical support section if you need help with an issue pertaining to that topic: http://forum2.nexon.net/forumdisplay.php?8-Technical-Support.

Here are the guidelines we would like you to follow:

Bug Reporting Format

Bug type:

Brief bug summary:

More details:

(anything not included in the other sections of your report)

Steps to reproduce:

(if not covered in the summary)

Character name:

Character level:

Character job:

World name:

Date and time of the incident:

(mention your time zone if you aren't posting Pacific time)

Posting Guidelines

  1. Be sure what you have is actually a bug. One-time errors can happen so please be sure what you have is a real issue. Do not confuse technical difficulties, in-game questions, hack reports, or disagreements with game design as bugs. Please take into consideration that not everything is a bug and use your best judgment when reporting.

  2. Check to see it has already been reported. Skim through the forum to see if the bug you want to report has already been reported. There is no need to double post as it only creates clutter.

  3. Use Proper English. Use grammatically-correct English so we can understand what you are describing. Please avoid slang, abbreviations, foreign languages, and anything else that may be unclear.

  4. Leave your opinions out. This forum is not open for discussion or your criticism. Focus on how to tell us about the bug you encountered.

  5. One bug per thread. No lists of bugs in a single thread. It makes issue tracking more time consuming, especially due to potential overlap with existing threads about single issues.

Bug Reporting Guidelines

  1. Title the bug. The topic line of your thread it should be the title of the bug, such as "Cannot purchase 1 meso items from Cash Shop". Titling your thread "Nexon fix dis nao" does not give us any idea what you are trying to get across. Please avoid excessive caps, asterisks, or any other indicators to bring attention to your thread.

  2. Create a new thread for each bug. Do not post multiple bugs on 1 thread. Each bug should have its own thread for easy reading. Please remember to browse the forum to see if the bug has already been reported.

  3. What type of bug is it. We classify bugs into categories: crash, item, quest, cash item, user interface, functionality, graphics, sound, collision, and/or text. Please note which category your bug is.

  4. Be as descriptive as possible. Tell us how you encountered the bug with as much detail and thoroughness as possible. Provide us with steps to reproduce the bug.

Example of a Good Bug Description

Thread title: Cannot purchase 1 meso items from Cash Shop

Bug type: Cash item, functionality

Description: Since the new patch, I cannot purchase the Beginner's Shopping Guide in the Cash Shop to complete the quest. It is a 1 meso item in the Cash Shop. When attempting to purchase the item, I am prompted with the purchase window with 3 options, all related to NX Cash or MaplePoints. When I click OK without checking a box, I receive another window stating "You should choose only one of three options." I cannot go pass this window to proceed purchasing this item. This also affects the other 1 meso items.

What makes this a good bug description?

The report had a descriptive title summarizing what the issue is. The description explained where and how it occurred. It was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and to reproduce the bug.

Example of a Bad Bug Report

Thread title: Nexon what is wrong with you?!

Bug type: (none was not included)

Description: You &*#!ed up Nexon! This patch gave us nothing but stupid changes! I can't even buy 1 meso items from the Cash Shop!

What makes this a bad bug report?

The report is very unclear to what the issue is. The title presents no idea but rather a criticism that is neither helpful to resolving bugs in game. The reporter forgot to fill what type of bug it was and the description does not help us identify what the issue is. The description does not explain how the bug occurred but is rather filled with personal feelings.

We appreciate your help in reporting bugs. Again, please do not confuse technical difficulties or in-game questions as a bug. This forum is not open for discussions. Also, please take into consideration that not everything is a bug and use your best judgment when reporting.

Addtional note:

Due to the volume of threads posted, additional threads about known issues will be closed or deleted as spam unless new information is provided or additional information is requested by a Nexon forum moderator.

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