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Posting Guidelines - Stuck Characters

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This thread is to submit ticket numbers (you must have a ticket #) for players who are currently stuck in the game. For best results make sure your character is online during the time frame we posted. Please keep in mind that this thread is only for this issue. We would like to ask that you do not create multiple threads or tickets regarding the same issue. We will do our best to assist with these issues, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to address them all. We will address these starting from the earliest post. Listed below are the issues we'll be able to look into for you.

These should be resolved in the following weekly maintenance.

- Got disconnected and are unable to get back into the game on a specific character.

If you are logged into the game on the character, we should be able to assist with this as we get to the ticket.
- Are unable to teleport out of a map.
These should be resolved in the following weekly maintenance.
- Are stuck in a cutscene.

If you've met the above criteria, please feel free to post the information in the format below.

Thread Title:[Stuck] 19000-####### (Your Ticket Number)
Hello. My ticket number is ########. Can you please look into this?
Character Name: Artasi
World : Scania
Once this has been completed and posted, we will do our best to investigate it. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Current hours these post will be investigated are from 1pm - 5pm PST.

After you have been helped, we would ask that you take a minute to complete a quick survey for us. It helps us to expand the avenues of support that we offer and gives us insight into how to best help you, the players: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/258Q7DW

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