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[READ ME] Account Billing Support Forum

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edited December 2016 in Account Billing Support
Hey Maplers!

We get a lot of threads within various forums here regarding issues that relate to the use or purchase of NX. As such, we have created this forum to help funnel those into a more appropriate place, and so our Customer Support agents can more easily follow up on these issues.


Account Billing Support

The purpose of this forum is for you, the player, to receive assistance from Customer Support to resolve any issues relating to the use or purchase of NX. In order to keep these reports organized, please include the following information in your post so our Customer Support agents can more easily locate account records and follow-up with you directly via email.
Issue Summary:


Character Name:
Character World:
Date and Time of Incident (Please note your time zone if not posting from Pacific):
If you are experiencing any issues purchasing NX on our website, please submit a help request ticket on our Customer Support page at https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/ with the following information:
Account ID/Email:
Date of the incident:
Error code:
Screenshot of the error:
If you are experiencing issue with Karma Koin, you will need to contact Karma Koin support at [URL]http://karmakoin.com/support[/URL]

Please note, that due to expected volume, multiple threads and spamming of posts are not allowed according to the Nexon Forums Code of Conduct. Multiple created threads will be closed or deleted. Please post any updates or newly acquired information in your original thread for the fastest response time.
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