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Do cannoneers get better?/Evans

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1. just made a cannoneer since i quit my NL for now i see way to many in reboot and not many cannoneers but it attacks VERY slow and compared to my assassin at the same level it is extremely weak. i was wondering do they get any better speed wise and dmg wise unfunded compared to a NL?

2. Can Evans compete with a NL in bossing given the same funding/time spent playing? i haven't played the new one much but they seem stronger then my cannoneer. i don't want to invest so much time into it just to find out that the dmg is subpar. also they are labeled as hard now and i was wondering what makes them actually so hard? the only other classes i see labeled hard is aran due to combo and hayato im guessing due to stance. kaiser is 1 point behind them but at an early levels it can look difficult to even master if played correctly.

just trying to decide which of the 3 i want to main don't have much experience with cannoneers and evans but i have had a NL before and they seem to play the same for the most part


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    Canoneer gets extremely fun when they reach 150 for me when they get the buff that adds a bunch of lines