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Pick up item delay.

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edited December 2016 in General Chat
When I try to pick up items it delays like 3 seconds then it picks the items up. How do you fix this?
(people say its my internet but this has happened to other people too)


  • BarfonwhalesBarfonwhales
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    1. it could be your internet but most likely is due to the lag. this game has been lagging very badly for who knows how long. not sure what world your playing in as most people play on reboot now and the lag is horrible.

    2. the item pick delay has been extended a LONG time ago since i've played as it used to be instant and this is so that they force you to buy pets and spend money. pets are not that expensive plus now they have permanent pets outside of the reboot world to buy as well as have meso magnent and all that already on it. so yea it is still cheap. back when i played those were actual items you individually had to buy spending maybe $10-15 on a pet alone with the items now it's what? $5