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Server crashed during CPQ

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edited December 2016 in General Chat
It has been a lovely day and I was doing my daily cpq (commerci pq) with my guildies.

Guess what, i've found a sweetwater cape!!!! omg i was so happy that i finally was able to graduate from my frozen gear. After doing this pq for 189382193812983 times, it was a blessing....

However, the server crashed before the pq was completed. When I went back, the npc didn't let me redeem the item.

This isn't a rant or anything. I'm just a bit sad and want to ask if any of you had similar experience and was able to ask support to give you the item that you couldn't get because of server crashing?


  • MomTeresaMomTeresa
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    maybe other kinds of compensation like more 15-min 2x exp coupons that take up all your use inventory slots? nexon is good at that but not in game stuff.