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Hayato Glitches List (and hopefully a fix soon)

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After sending in a few tickets in early/mid December that sadly never have been answered yet I'm trying my luck here.

First of all, as fun as Hayato is, it has alot of problems.

1. Heliseum/Magnus PQ
- Cannot be done because after quest "Heliseum Reclamation HQ In Danger" where you defeat the Specters you should be able to see a book above yourself to go to Edea and Piston to continue but there's nothing. You're stuck to continue.
This issue has been known for quite some time but was never fixed yet. :(

2. Hilla's Damage Reflection
- If you're in Quick Stance mode OR having Eye for an Eye active (or both active), Hilla's Damage Reflection is going to kill you even if you do nothing and just stand around. Is this intentional or a glitch? Either way, it doesn't seem too right to me.

3. Crafting Professions
- Normally you can learn Harvesting, Mining, Smithing + Accessory OR Alchemy crafting, if I'm not wrong but this is not the case on Hayato.
I've learned Smithing + Alchemy by accident and afterwards I unlearned Alchemy to learn Accessory. It didn't let me and said "You cannot learn Accessory if you've learned Alchemy and Smithing" or something along these lines. Same happens if I try to re-learn Alchemy. It won't work. I'm stuck with only Smithing.
I recall having Accessory AND Smithing on my Xenon.

. 4 Shimada Heart
- This is actually just a visual problem as the formula seems to be correct but the minimum damage range is displayed wrong having the players think theres a very huge gap between their range. Nothing big but I thought I'd list it, too.

Thanks for reading and hopefully those problems will soon be solved. =)


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    1. Heliseum/Magnus PQ

    Same thing is happening to Kanna