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Final Battle?

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Does anyone out there think there'll be a final battle with the Black Mage ever in this game? Considering how long he's been mentioned, you would think the Arcane River will finally leads to a confrontation with him.


  • KingStarfireKingStarfire
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    my guess it that will happen when they end the story
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    Not that long i would guess, i mean there's still the Black Mage(maybe?) in Grandis, he managed to get the power of time, so he should be more powerfull. I expect him to be the final boss, his name is Darumoa magnus seens to serve him(i got the name from this link:https://orangemushroom.net/2012/11/03/maplestorys-story-character-relationships-grandis/).
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Gerald Darmoor (English localization) is the Transcendent of Life in Grandis, who went insane upon awakening his powers as he had just fought in a bloody war between two races in Grandis and was suddenly exposed to the loss of life he had caused. Like the Black Mage did, he attacked Chronica (Grandis Transcendent of Time) to steal their powers. The Transcendent of Light in Grandis, Aiona, is completely unknown, with Angelic Buster and Kaiser storylines describing them as located "where only the light can reach".
    Darmoor is not specifically more powerful than the Black Mage, in fact, Maple World is larger than Grandis according to Zero's storyline. However no details regarding plots by Darmoor or his intentions have been revealed yet. WM (the Black Mage's other self from Earth) has had more screentime and mentions than Darmoor, actually. The most we know of Darmoor's powers is that he once produced a magic cloth that could bring to life anything painted on it, which Magnus copied and gave the replica to his subordinate Victor, who wanted the cloth to bring back his beloved (the replica, however, only spat out a lifeless doll and Victor was cursed to have his soul trapped within the cloth).

    KMS has stated they plan on adding to Grandis. My personal wish is a blockbuster related to Angelic Buster and Kaiser, however no details have been released and KMS has been focusing on Arcane River as well.
  • LairLair
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    If anything, maybe the black mage's brother will show up after we defeat him. Way to prolong the story ;')