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Old maplestory before the big ban was better?

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I would like to know your opinion and if you would like me to come back.
Hi, I remember those great moments. I have shared much of my life with maplestory since its inception and I feel that everything changed with the great ban. There is a large community that stopped playing for this reason, there are many private servers with a large number of people playing an old maplestory before the big ban arrived just to remember that great experience and nostalgia. I am aware that all the games are updated, but I would like to suggest at least one server that was as it was before the big ban. I feel that many players would return to the maplestory, there are many forums that talk about how great it was maplestory before that, I would like to at least analyze it and ask the community to review that. I miss those moments we all had to get together to kill a boss when there were clans very close Greetings


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    "Big Ban" I'm pretty sure you mean Big Bang my friend. Also, Legacy server discussion is against the forum rules. Sorry man :T
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