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Monumental Mistake

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The recent "update" to the Mu Lung Dojo I think is a monumental mistake. First, to obtain any points you have to be in the top 51% of participants. A lot of people (in Scania anyway) rely on the dojo to make mesos (myself included). If only half the people that participate receive any points, it's only going to be a matter of time that they stop participating in the dojo. Lets say you have 2000 participants, only 1000 will get points. When the 1000 that got nothing realize they'll never get points they'll stop participating. So now you only have 1000 participants in which only 500 will get points, and the cycle continues until eventually you'll have almost no one at all participating. It simply wouldn't be worth the effort. I for one have already stopped participating, being a F2P player, only 2 of my characters are strong enough to rank so what's the point in wasting my effort?


  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    They definitely could have done this better.

    For example under 50% could have just earned reduced points instead of zero. Also it's top 70% for the high level bracket which isn't as bad but still leaves a large chunk with no reward for doing this content.
  • RoognokRoognok
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    Still, it's going to filter down to where no one participates in the content. What's the point in participating when you get absolutely nothing in return, f3.... Sometimes I believe when they say something along the lines of Making Maple better actually means, we're going to make things harder to try and force those F2P players to spend money.
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    They probably wanted to make people actually try in dojo instead of clearing floor 1 and leaving. Problem is this will just turn people off of the content all together.

    Like I said the intention was -maybe- good but the way they did it isn't.

    They could instead do something like:

    You always get at least 20% of normal points, but you also get a bonus based on your tank. Top 100% gets 20% (base) + 0%, top 99% gets 20% (base) + 1%, and so on all the way to top 1% getting 20% base + 100%. Adjust as necessary but the idea is you would get scaled points based on rank. No one gets zero.

    This way you always get something but still are rewarded for actually trying.
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    You're not getting absolutely nothing for participating. Remember, you get 10 points per floor cleared, plus 100 for every 10th floor.
    If you clear the 10th floor, that's 200 points in total. If you enter 3 times going that far, that's 600 points.
    As a permanent Beginner, it takes me 10 minutes to clear the 10th floor, so that's half an hour per day for me.
    Regular characters should be able to do all 3 entries in a matter of minutes.

    They increased the exp of the Unity Training Center for characters above level 200.
    It used to give me about 65 million per hour, now it gives me about 100 million per hour.
    They also lowered the prices of the Unity Training Center Entrance Charms.
    A 24 hour charm used to cost 54,000 points, taking me 5-7 weeks to obtain.
    Now it only costs 12,000 points, worth 20 days of grinding. The Special Medal of Honor
    + Mu Gong's Honor EXP Guarantee combo is still 11,000 points, slightly less.

    It does feel bad for me to not get weekly rewards, for two reasons:
    1. I'm trying my best, yet I get the same nothing as someone who just clears floor 1 and leaves.
    2. I now have to spend half an hour every day instead of 10 minutes in one day of the week.
    Still, if I put in the time, then I do get more exp than I did before the revamp.

    There's a few more things to consider.

    First, based on last week's rankings, I calculated that even if I stuffed the Dojo with
    40 floor 1 characters, it wouldn't be enough to put my main above the 70% threshold.
    However, if less people participated, then those 40 characters would have a greater impact.
    It follows that if participation drops low enough, then you can get ranking rewards on who you want.
    If you wanted more points, you could have some of the 40 clear floor 10, while your main clears floor 11.
    Again, that is more effort than what had to be expended previously, but as JushiroNet stated,
    making people actually try was their goal.

    Second, just because it's harder to get, doesn't mean you have to stop getting it and selling it.
    Won't the price just increase, and balance things out?

    TL;DR: Dojo for Honor became (much) less efficient.
    Dojo for EXP became (somewhat) more efficient.
    Nothing became impossible or worthless.
    Edit: Less participants = stronger mules. Participation may drop, but not to zero.
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    that is what you guys are complaining about u can't use honor mules to mass sell mu gong's medal of honor... I am more upset about the fact that only a handful of people like 5 or 6 were able to clear all 63 floors of dojo and then they go ahead and revamp it again, now no one can clear dojo... imo take the clock right outta there, so we can full clear it, it was pretty much WAY TOO soon for a rework like this.